”Heather's enthusiasm for singing is infectious. I am constantly surprised over how much more I can do with my voice since having lessons with her.”

- Ally Steele

”I really look forward to my piano lessons with Heather, they are the highlight of my week :-)”

- Sarah

”My three girls have been taught singing by Heather for the past 10 years. They have all made so much progress and love their lessons with her. She makes the lessons fun, but also encourages and inspires them to work hard. All three of them have Grade 8 distinctions in singing. Heather is very perceptive and thoughtful. One of my girls is neurodiverse and she has been brilliant with her.”

- Katie F

What Students & Parents say

”Heather can teach anything. I came as a trained musical theatre singer. She taught me how to sing classical legitimately and also rock, pop and even rap. Her talent and wonderful way of communicating with humour and immense attention to detail, is (in my experience) unmatched”

- Richard

”I enjoyed sitting in on my kids lessons so much I asked Heather if I could learn too. Can't believe I've just taken my Grade 1 piano and passed with merit, so happy!”

- Jovanka T

”I used to be an opera singer. Heather is, by far, the best singing teacher I have worked with. I wish I had, had her as my singing teacher at music college. There is no pretensions or ego with her. She is direct and nurturing. She helped me find my true voice and identified my correct fach within minutes. I am now singing repertoire that truly suits me and I am finding pleasure in singing again.”

- Anna M

”I contacted Heather to increase the volume of my voice and I've learnt so much more than I bargained for. She encouraged me to write my own songs and has been helping me find myself as an artist. She's given me tonnes of great advice on how to perform confidently on stage. I never thought singing lessons could have such a positive effect on my whole life and well-being.”

- Esta B

”I came to Heather with a clear goal to sing in a choir. She has helped me reach that goal bit by bit. She is a great listener and a fantastic teacher. ”

- Mary B

”I had some lessons with Heather to help me prepare for singing at my daughter's wedding. I had never sung in-front of anyone except family before. I got some really nice compliments at the wedding. Even my wife said I'd improved!”

- Derek B

”Cheers Heather for all your support, encouragement and wonderful technical help over the years. ”

- Jenni E

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